Procrastination is a Bitch


Ok - so I’ve had it on my “list” (one of the many TBH) to write a blog post for the DH website and honestly, I have procrastonated this so much, I actually feel guilty?  Here’s the thing - I have SO many things I want to talk about and instead of starting with just, oh I don’t know, ONE thing - I have written absolutely nothing, NADA, zip, zero, zilch.


lemons to lemonade right?  How many freakin times have you done this?  I know I can’t be the only one.  I’ve wanted to start Deals in Heels to help women for almost 2 years now and can’t even start a blog post?  Kind of pathetic, but I’m going to skip the negative self talk tonight.  BECAUSE LOOK AT ME NOW - typing away in my first blog post yeeeeeeeesssss!  And it’s about something i’m currently struggling with….procrastination and just starting something.  I am realizing that sometimes the important thing is to just START.  START the business, START the podcast, START the blog - but I have to at least start.  I also have to get really real with myself, I was afraid to start writing this blog because I was afraid to fail, or get writers block, or whatever reason I created in my head to not start writing about something I actually care about.  But in yet another conversation with myself tonight while cooking dinner, I asked myself (literally out loud, living alone gets weird lol) why I havent done this.  I was scared of failing.  I am so passionate about the advancement of women and doing my part, that instead of sitting down and doing what I can to help - I was doing nothing.  Silly right?  Absolutely, but I go through this stuff all the time with myself and I have a feeling others do too.  Like, ok for example, when I first became a Loan Officer, I was afraid to call borrowers and agents which BY THE WAY is how I make money.  So, I scared myself for the first month and then was BROKE the next month.  At that point, I again had a coming to Jesus talk with myself, I literally asked myself what was worse - picking up the phone and talking to other humans and POSSIBLY getting rejected OR being broke and possibly not being able to afford my rent?  SO, you know what I did - I picked up the damn phone sis.  I actually don’t think I’ve put it down since LOL.

MY POINT IS - don’t scare yourself out of starting something you believe in.  Sometimes where the finish line is isn’t as important as moving your legs and starting to run (side note - definitely pictured Forest Gump running at an aimless target just now)

AND LOOK AT THAT - my first post.  Cheers to that!

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