Morning Rituals


Hey, hello.

Sis is tired, but sis is working - a motto, a lifestyle.  LOL but forealllll.  I wanted to come here and talk about morning rituals because they have saved me both time, stress, and probably somehow money because if I’ve got the first two, I’ve got the third.  

So, most people that know me know that I wake up at 5am - why do they now know this - because of my daily Deels in Heels quotes, duh!  5am may seem early, but honestly it has changed the way I operate in every way.  I decided back in February that I was going to post a daily quote every morning at 5:15am.  I’m sure a lot of people thought the reason was to be some inspirational instagrammer but that was the furthest thing from it (as if we need more of those LOL).  I started doing this to hold myself accountable to wake up every morning at 5am with no excuse because now I have a task at that time AND a note to keep myself motivated.  Every quote you see or will see that I post is a note to myself.  People seem to like them, and if it motivates another in the process, DOPENESS.  I thrive in a bit of organized chaos, so the rest of my day is filled with calls, ready made meal preps, and tons of computer time.  You know what the most quiet time of the day is?  5am.  Consistency is my most important and treasured value, so if I can create consistency somewhere in my life, I try to do that - that is what 5am is for me.  So here is my morning routine:

1. 5:00am - alarm, hop up, make my bed

2. 5:15am - second alarm, post DH quote

3. 5:30am - gym

4. 6:30am - walk Diva (yes, my dogs name is Diva)

5. 6:45am - meditation

6. 7:00am - shower/make breakfast/blast classical music

7. 8:00am - login to computer for work 

Let me tell you - I have this DOWN.  It is absolutely my second nature at this point.  Full disclosure, I am pretty tired by like 9:30pm but that works for me because ya girl lovesssss to sleep.  Thoughout the day, since I’ve been doing this, I feel more rested, more focused, more energized - this sounds like a lie but I swear it’s not, I really feel the difference.  Who I am in the light, I have to be in the dark - I know success is never handed over, it takes discipline and consistency.  I have my hard days, some days I want to sleep in, but I stay consistent because that has always bred results for me.  Are you writing this down?  Are you setting your alarm as we speak?

Hallie Johnson